About Burt

Burt is a high level tattoo craftsman, specialized in realistic, surrealistic and fantasy tattoo designs. Tattooing for nearly 23 years, Burt creates unique custom pieces based on his clients ideas and his own imagination and fantasy. He made his first tattoos in 1996 with a still amateur equipment. In the following years he was tattooing anytime he had the opportunity to do so, learning the profession in an autodidact way – while studying and having a full time job at the same time. 
Big scale of black and grey or color tattoos what he mainly likes doing, portraits,animal portraits, horror or even brightful fantasy, all of them are close to his style. Burt belongs to those whose jobs are also their hobbies. He mainly works in realistic, fantasy and surrealistic styles of which boundaries he pushes with great curiosity; however, each day he likes to try different things out in various topics. He very much appreciates customer request with meaningful content besides only physical appearing.
He sees each of his projects equally important because he knows it is the most important to the person who wears it. He also completes each design by being aware of this principle; for him this is the sketch of creation. In the last 7 years he travelled a lot and spent his time as a guest artist at tattoo studios in different countries, due to this fact he could meet many artists and learnt various tattoo styles and techics. He also likes visiting new locations each year. Keys to his success during his career are the hard work,the neverending learning and the respect toward the clients.

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