Aftercare advice for your new tattoo
In most cases you should wear the second skin for the first 7 days, because the second skin is
breathable, so the tattoo is healing underneath, but it is advisable to remove it whenever it gets dirty,
too loose or full of liquids. The second skin is also waterproof, but do not soak it, unless you want to
remove it!
Wash your hand, before start the procedure!
When removing the film, try to do it gently, starting from the edges and take off parallel with the
tattoo very slowly.
If the second skin is hard to pull off the skin, simply let some warm water run under the tattoo film,
so that the glue becomes tender and removal of the film is easier.
After you removed the second skin film, carefully wash the area with fragrance free soap and water
and gently dry the tattoo. In case there is a glue left on the surface after you removed the film, do
not panic! It will come off with time from itself, do not start to wash it off hardly from the surface.
You can use coconut oil on it to accelerate removing of the glue.
When you stop wearing cling film (the 7 th day) we recommend applying a thin layer of YaYo cream
3-4 times a day to keep your tattoo moisturised. Wash and dry your tattoo every time before you
apply cream. The cream also promotes skin regeneration and will maintain the vibrancy of your new
After this time period you can reduce the frequency of application of YaYo cream continue to use until
the skin is no longer shiny as this means your tattoo in now fully healed (about 3-4 weeks).
Pick or scratch the tattoo or the scabs which might appear on your skin (it can affect the tattoo's
Soak your tattoo for two weeks and avoid unnecessary water exposure (no swimming pool, bath,
sauna, gym etc.)
Expose to the sun/go on sunbeds for at least one month!
Do not use any other cream without consulting with your tattooist!
Do not use any soap, shower gel, etc..!
Do not do any exercise in the first week because the sweating is not good to the fresh tattoo.

If you have any problems or questions at any time then you should contact your tattooist. Contact
details are provided below-to ask their advice in the first instance:
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